The "Antihypertensive League” is a nation-wide non-governmental organization created to combine efforts in combating such socially significant cardiovascular diseases as hypertension and its complications.

Membership in the organization is voluntary. It unites the leading experts in cardiology from more than 40 regions of Russia.

The activities of the League are carried out under the guidance of the President, Professor N.V.Nedogoda, M.D., Ph.D. Regional offices are headed by the leading Russian cardiologists – members of the League’s Council.

The "Antihypertensive League” plays a major role in the organization of cardiological congresses, seminars and conferences nation-wide. Members of the League also take part in international cardiological events in order to join forces with the leading specialists from all over the world.

We work closely together with such organizations as:

- The Russian Scientific Society of Cardiology (ВНОК);

- International Hypertension League;

- European Society of Hypertension;

- The North-Western Division of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Members of the League actively participate in the development of clinical guidelines for practicing physicians.

One of the League’s major activities is organization of instructional courses for patients with cardiac risk factors – “The School for Cardiological patients”.