The activities of the All-Russian NGO "Antihypertensive League"


-         Organization of conferences, seminars and congresses on the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of hypertension for the training of practitioners;

-         Attraction of leading experts in cardiology for the distribution of scientific knowledge on treatment, diagnosis and prevention of hypertension;

-         Publication of scientific and practical literature on cardiology

-         Organization of instructional courses for patients with cardiac risk factors

-         Promoting preventive measures in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases through mass-media



-         Organization and support for research on the prevention of hypertension

-         Organization of an epidemiological study on the prevalence of metabolic syndrome in the inhabitants of St. Petersburg and 30 other regions of Russia. During the period between 2007 and 2009 we organized a system of research centers all over Russia and created a screening methodology training system for health professionals. We also organized 2 study meetings with a discussion of the structure maps and the protocol of the study and prepared for an international co-operation with the German Institute of Human Nutrition (Potsdam, Berlin) making it possible for the League to participate in an international epidemiological research project.


Professional training:

-         Organization of lecture courses on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hypertension in medical institutions

-         Development of guidelines on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hypertension.