The “Healthy heart” action has been carried out by All-Russian public organization “Antihypertensive League” under the support of St.-Petersburg Public Health Committee and FSI FSC of HBE (Federal State Institution Federal State Center of Heart, Blood and Endocrinology) named by Almazov and Pfizer company.

On May 19th an unprecedented event took place in our city. For the first time in Russia the FSI FSC of HBE named by Almazov cardiologists under the support Pfizer company went out on the streets to tell people how to keep their hearts healthy.


Within the frameworks of this event the following tests were carried out:


- blood sugar express-test;


- anthropometry;


- blood pressure and pulse measurement;


- cardiologist's examination.

During 4 hours the “Antihypertensive League” doctors were caring out researches, giving consultations and advises. Such activities take place all over the world to attract people’s attention to their health. Usually people do not have enough time to visit a doctor, so doctors come to streets and shops to make express - diagnostics, to give people information and to make them think about their health.

Alexandra Conradi, League President, pointed out that information, received from such events, is used for public health conditions analysis.  A flow of people, willing to get consultation or to be examined was enormous, so all participating doctors confirmed the necessity of carrying out such kind of events in order to remind citizens how important it is to take care of their health.

The diseases connected with arterial hypertension are leading death reasons all over the world nowadays. In the Russian Federation arterial hypertension remains one of the most important medico-social problems.


Arterial hypertension is the most severe factor of heart attack and ischemic stroke development. More than 1 billion people suffer from it. However half of the patients do not know that they have high parameters of blood pressure.


The event took place simultaneously in 5 places: on Malaya Konyushennaya street, on Malaya Sadovaya, Bolshaya Moskovscaya and in 2 “Lenta” supermarkets.

All in all 676 people received some advices.  About one third of them were sent to City Health Centers for more detailed researches.

The “Healthy heart” event was supported by “Pfizer”. One of the company priority tasks is the development and perfection of medical aid system and medical knowledge availability. Pfizer patient training program is aimed to support health knowledge popularization: it discovers cardio-vascular risk factors, how to avoid and, if necessary, take medical care of them.


The only way to achieve the goals is to organize a joint work of public health services - from patients to doctors, from local health establishments to public organizations.